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     Andy Cameron and his parents, coming to live in the isolated Quah Davic Valley in the Quebec wilderness, have taken over its fur-rich trapping range following the mysterious death of the previous holder. The local inhabitants believe that the evil spirit of the north called theWindigo is responsible for the trapper’s death, and that it is only a matter of time before the Camerons run into trouble. Sometimes, when out alone in the woods, the local superstition does send chills down the spine of 14-year-old Andy, but it is with a more concrete “ghost” that his father, Ron Cameron, is concerned—an old renegade bear called the Boniface Black, a wily and malevolent trap robber. When that bear is the cause of Ron’s death, Andy and his mother, Evva, are faced with the decision to give up and leave the valley—at the very moment the range is about to pay off—or to keep a promise made to Ron to stick it out. Andy wants to stay, and he sets about persuading his mother by proving to her that he can do the necessary work to prepare for another winter in their lonely cabin and that he can run the trap line alone. Despite all his efforts, Andy runs into one setback after another. Could the uncanny myth about the valley be true? Then, when it seems that Andy’s courage and perseverance will finally be rewarded—through the loyalty of a little mongrel dog and invaluable help from an unexpected quarter—Old Boniface goes on another rampage.

Original Book: 196 pages


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