William G. Schofield

   William G. Schofield, mid-twentieth-century newspaperman and newscaster, writer and editor, was recognized as one who knew his politics inside and out. His experience began as a college correspondent while at Brown University, and he went on to be a reporter for various Providence, Rhode Island newspapers. Later, working for the Boston Traveler as a correspondent overseas, Mr. Schofield’s work included reports on such historic events as the Berlin Airlift (1948-9), as well as Papal Consistories in Rome and on-the-spot radio broadcasts from various European capitals. Back in Boston Mr. Schofield rose to chief editorial writer of the Traveler—as well as having a nightly newscast for a Boston radio station.

   Mr. Schofield also wrote many full-length books reflecting his varied interests. Some arose from World War II events, such as Eastward the Convoys, a true account of the experiences of the Armed Guards of merchant ships during the war; some were biographies, such as Seek for a Hero: the Story of John Boyle O’Reilly (a nineteenth-century Irish immigrant champion of the rights of blacks, immigrants, and American Indians); and some were of historical fiction like The Deer Cry: A Novel of Patrick of Eirinn. Many of his books can still be found through an internet search.