When the Dikes Broke

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Wailing sirens and clanging church bells awaken Dirk, Klaas and the rest of the Van Rossem family. The brothers stumble out of bed into knee deep water and hear the cry all Hollanders dread: “Dike gave way! Dike gave way! Get to your attics!” Diving from the attic window, 17-year-old Klaas braves the water to recover their boat. In it he and 14-year-old Dirk with Father and Uncle Pieter set out through the storm to get help. Grandma, Mother, Tante Anna and 13-year-old Lisa huddle in the attic waiting for rescue. But the water keeps rising.
    This adventure in the Netherlands captures the unique dangers and difficulties of those who farm below sea level. The Van Rossem family together with their neighbors, show what it means to face the invading sea with courage and selfless determination in order to survive and then to rebuild.

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