The Timber Trail

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Life has more gripping episodes in store for Dale, Vester, and Sadler in this next installment of the Glen Hazard Adventure Series. The boys eagerly anticipate their trip to Boston where they plan to sell the silver they recovered earlier in the year (see Wild Cat Ridge). Never having been outside their home town, the boys are on fire with enthusiasm over the promised trip. But trouble is brewing in Glen Hazard. Dale's grandfather is embroiled in a fight with the timber company, and tensions are running high between the townsfolk and the loggers. Dale wishes to go to Boston as much as Vester and Sadler but does not feel able to leave while his beloved Gramp is in trouble. For the first time, the tight-knit group of boys is on the verge of breaking up. When the owner of the timber company arrives in town, things threaten to burst into violence and Dale puts a dangerous scheme into action.

        This husband and wife team (writing under Maristan Chapman, a combination of their two names), makes deft use of the mountain idiom to open up for the modern reader the richness of Tennessee mountain life in the early twentieth century. At the same time, they capture the timeless excitement of adventurous, determined boys ready for anything!

Second Title in the Glen Hazard Adventure Series


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