Sun Slower, Sun Faster

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     This is an adventurous story with a difference—it is soon after World War II, but Cecil (short for Cecilia) and her cousin, Rickie, are thrown into a series of adventures that have little to do with the England that they know. Inexplicably, they, and sometimes their eccentric and interesting tutor, Dominic, find themselves in another time-usually right in the middle of a dramatic, if not harrowing, moment. Every dip into time takes them farther back and each time they experience another chapter of the Church's history and teachings.      At once fun and frightening, these escapades into the past take on deeper and deeper significance. Each of these three-Cecil, Rickie, Dominic-are faced with things from their own pasts which touch deeply upon who they are in the present and who they will choose to be in the uncertain but tantalizing future. They have much to sort out, as history-especially the history of the Christian Faith-comes unexpectedly alive.  

Original Book: 288 pages

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