The Stubborn Mare

The Stubborn Mare
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     On a savagely cold night in the mountains of Montana, a painfully injured mare and a runaway 16-year-old named Andy “Smith” enter the solitary life of Justin Allan. In his anxiety over the black horse, Justin ignores the mystery surrounding the quiet boy with the remarkable gift for working with injured animals. When Justin breaks his leg in a hunting accident, Andy remains to take care of the two invalids. During the bleak months of struggle to overcome poverty and the bitter winter, the old cowboy and the lonely boy develop a close bond of affection and respect for one another, a bond that deepens as their love and concern for the mare Joey and her newborn colt grow. However, trouble still stalks Andy, and suddenly he is gone as swiftly as he came. In an effort to lessen his sorrow, Justin turns to Joey and discovers she is a natural-born cutting horse. How the stubborn mare surmounts tremendous odds to compete in rodeos, and how the dark shadows haunting Andy finally dissipate, fill the rest of this authentic western tale with swift-paced action and suspense.

Original Book: 183 pages


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