The Story of Mozart

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    In the musical Mozart family, little Wolfgang is known for his energy, riddles, and original ditties. Then his father discovers he can play a minuet at age three, write a clavier concerto solo at age five and a symphony at age eight. Wolfgang’s father travels Europe introducing his son and daughter as young prodigies to various courts. In Rome, Wolfgang mischievously plays the forbidden-to-be-reproduced piece Miserere from memory to a party filled with cardinals and nobles of the church. But rather than punish Wolfgang, the pope forgives him and makes him a Knight of the Golden Spur. Unfortunately for Mozart, not everyone is so easy on him. The new archbishop in Salzburg extracts much work from young Mozart with little pay. Growing more and more restless, Mozart eventually makes a bid for independence.
    This enjoyable biography accompanies Mozart, with his overflowing musical talent and infectious humor, from boy prodigy to struggling but autonomous artist, and introduces the reader to eighteenth-century cities and courts, including Vienna, Munich, London, and Paris.

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