Red Sea Rescue

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     It is the ambition of 14-year-old Ibrahim to be a lighthouse-keeper just like his father, Abdul Hussein. Lighthouse Island, where he and his family live, is in a group of tiny islands in the Red Sea, some forty miles off the coast of Egypt. Ibrahim and his younger sister, Saa-la, are used to this quiet, isolated life. Though they are dismayed to get caught, with their indispensible donkey, Pasha, in an unexpected sandstorm while beachcombing on the neighboring Island of Kus, it does not frighten them. But once the wind stops raining down the fine yellow sand, far more alarming things begin to happen. The first sign of trouble occurs at the causeway that leads back to their home island. It is getting dark, and not only is no one there to watch for sharks as they cross over the submerged coral bridge, but the lamp in the lighthouse has not yet been lit! Though there are fewer ships since the war with Israel closed the Suez Canal in 1969, those that remain depend on the light to keep them off the islands’ shores. What could possibly have happened to father, helper Hassan and grandmother? In an ordeal that is to stretch over two days and nights, Ibrahim and Saa-la find themselves together working to surmount one difficulty, only to tumble right into another. In the final crisis, in which the lives of others hang in the balance, will faithful Pasha be the one called to pay the price for deliverance?      In this tale, Arthur Catherall deftly employs his knack for keeping the reader at the edge of his seat, while at the same time drawing him into the colorful and authentic setting of a different culture and way of life.

Original Book: 140 pages

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