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      After years of continued mediocrity, Van Buren College, never known for its prowess on the football field, has finally reached a tipping point. In a time when Nuclear Disarmament and World Peace are the watchwords, Mr. Farnsworth, chancellor of the small Missouri school, believes that the human battlefield of the gridiron has no place in this new era. It is time for the brutish game of football to yield before academics and science. Caught in the tension is Pete Krasnik, son of a coal miner, and in his final year as the tough-as-nails stalwart of the Bobcats’ defensive line. Up to now, his job has always been simple—get to the opposing quarterback and hit him as hard he can—and it is a job he does well. However, this new threat to football at Van Buren may make it impossible for Pete to carry out a promise he had sworn to fulfill in a moment of great tragedy. Doing well in college football means the possibility of playing in the pros, and a professional contract means money to pursue medical school—the factor upon which his promise rests. Now, with the Bobcats fighting for a winning season and Pete called to play better than ever, it is not only the future of Van Buren’s football that hangs in the balance—but his own.

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