Prisoners in the Snow

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     There is more than frost in the air one early spring day in the Austrian Alps. Twelve-year-old twins Toni and Trudi are shoveling a path from their mountain farm to the road—through what they hope is the year’s last snowfall—when they see a red airplane beating away against the blue sky. Suddenly, there is an explosive sound and the twins see a man bailing out of the aircraft. They don’t know what to do—to attempt a rescue in the tricky spring conditions could well trigger an avalanche. Hurrying home, they realize the crashing plane has done just that, and their farmhouse is about to be engulfed. The twins work frantically to close shutters and prepare for the shock. The farmhouse stands, but the twins, their grandfather and the farm animals are trapped under tons of snow—and it is then that they remember the pilot. Could he have possibly survived? And will they?     Arthur Catherall’s story of heroism and family strength, set in the 1960’s, demonstrates the timeless relevance in which any individual or group of persons might be called to overcome an obstacle with courage, cooperation and patience.

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