One Week of Danger

One Week of Danger
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     “Are they going to kill us?” Jem asked Dave. He had reason to be afraid. The two 12-year-olds had been able to warn their village of the Shawnee raid, only to be captured themselves by the warriors. It is the year 1788, and the boys, who had journeyed to Kentucky from Virginia with their families ten years before, knew that if they did not manage to get away in the first day or so in the fast-paced journey north, they might never see their homes again. A daring break for freedom succeeds only to lead Dave and Jem into even greater peril—the man who befriends them turns out to be Enoch Ware, a renegade feared along the whole frontier. Well-written, high interest tale set in this era of fierce conflict between pioneer settlers and the Indian nations.

Original Publication Date: 1959, Original Book: 115 pages


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