Mystery of the Hidden Face

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     It is 1963 and neither 11-year-old Jenny Lane nor her older brother, Jerry, had even been born at the time of the division of Germany after WW II. Yet when they unexpectedly become friends with a young, refugee artist from East Germany they feel some of the chill of that tragic split between the free Germany of the west and the Communist-controlled part in the east. Twice, Karl Hoffman has pulled the young people out of dangerous situations—but now they see that something is worrying him and they would like to help. At the same time, the Lane family has come across a news article with a list of unclaimed legacies, and it is possible that Mr. Lane may be eligible to inherit a goodly—and needed—sum of money. However, Mr. Lane’s great-grandfather’s name had been changed upon adoption after the death of his parents, and it is proof of this change that must be found. The Lanes live in a large, rambling house that had once belonged to the children’s great-grandparents. Perhaps the proof that their father is the “lost” beneficiary is tucked away somewhere in the old house. In a surprising way, these two puzzles become intertwined. All in all, a favorite aunt, an art theft, an old portrait, an unclaimed legacy, a refugee and a dash of romance satisfactorily combine to liven up Jenny and Jerry’s “quiet” summer.      A great mystery story for intermediate readers.

Original Book: 154 pages


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