Long Rifle Vanguard

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     E.H.Staffelbach’s third book in this series concerned the pioneer expedition to Oregon of 1832. His second, using several of the same characters, concentrated on the struggle to bring Texas into the Union. In this third and final book he returns to Oregon: it is spring 1843 and preparations are underway for the Great Migration to Oregon of June that same year. Pierre Garonne, now a lieutenant in the US army, and his faithful backwoods friends, Oak Baker, Hiram Squeet and Henry Chatillon, all reappear. Their careful scout work and diplomacy are required to give support and encouragement to the 100-plus wagons heading west from the dangers they will face on the trail; they must also make sure that the wagon train does not appear to the British fur companies as a deliberate policy of emigration and settlement. This time the story is seen through the eyes of young Andy Ames, whose ambition is to become a doctor, and his friend Thad Morgan, a backwoods youth whose dream is to go west. As always, Staffelbach’s skill in describing growth in maturity and resourcefulness under the guidance of Garonne is well demonstrated in this exciting tale. Neither threats from Indians and villainous white men nor the hardships of the trail can deter the pioneers from their goal: “Oregon or bust.”

This is the third book in the Long Rifle Vanguard.  The first book in the series is Towards Oregon.  The second book in the series is For Texas and Freedom.

Original Book: 330 pages


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