Lois Mills

About the Author                                                                   

            Though Lois Mills was born in Missouri in 1894, she spent a good part of her life in the state of California. Here she devoted many years to teaching and working with young people, including writing biographical books for school children. Miss Mills had learned to admire the works of Polish composers when, after college graduation, she had studied music composition and piano, touring as a concert accompanist in the United States and Europe. This appreciation led to a deepening interest in the culture and history of Poland, which in turn prompted her to write the story set forth here about the young queen of the 14th century. Many fruitful exchanges with scholars and linguists across the language barriers opened up as Miss Mills pursued the intensive research needed to make the book as true and authentic as possible. The canonization process for Jadwiga—with all the checking and verification of facts involved—36 years after publication of So Young a Queen would doubtless have been of great interest to the author. Modern readers will continue to value Miss Mills’ richly textured story of a time and place in which a young heroine offers a timeless example of courage and faith.