Kaatje and the Christmas Compass

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   Ten-year-old Kaatje’s lively but impulsive nature catapults her into various mishaps and is a source of annoyance to her older brother, Karel. Leaving their neat Netherlands' home and dressed up in traditional Dutch costumes, she and Karel travel down the local canal with the rest of their classmates to give a performance in a nearby town. In the bustle of leaving the large canal boat, Kaatje tucks Karel's brand-new carefully saved-for compass in her skirt pocket for safekeeping. But her impetuous nature asserts itself. Deciding to sneak away after the concert to do some shopping, she triggers a series of accidents which culminate in a ducking in the canal—and the loss of the compass. Kaatje will need the new friends she meets as the result of her misadventures to help her sort out her difficulties before Christmas.


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