Jane F. Hindman

About the Author                                

          Jane F. Hindman was born in Philadelphia on June 22, 1905, living and working there for most of her life. The affection she had for her native city is evident throughout this book. After graduation from high school, she decided to become a librarian because she was fond of reading. But after enrolling at the Drexel Institute of Technology, she soon found that librarians have very little time to read on the job. By then, though, she loved the work, and went on to complete her college courses at Temple University.

          During most of her career, Miss Hindman was associated with various libraries in the Philadelphia Public Schools. Later she became Assistant Librarian at Holy Family College, now Holy Family University. In her spare moments she enjoyed painting, especially in oils, and also wrote a monthly column for The Catholic Library World.

           When Jane Hindman discovered Mathew Carey, she knew he was the type of adventurous spirit that would appeal to the young people she had come to know so well through her work.

          Miss Hindman died in March of 1996.

Other books written by Jane F. Hindman:

Elizabeth Ann Seton, Mother, Teacher, Saint for Our Time (1976)      

An Ordinary Saint, the Life of John Neumann (1977)

History of the Catholic Library Association: the First 60 years, 1921-1981 (1982)