The Frosty Filly

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     Frances D’Affrey, twelve years old, had been abruptly transplanted from England to New York City after the death of her father in World War II. Now, desperate to escape from Aunt Letitia, her unwilling and unloving guardian, she dresses in boy’s clothing and runs off in search of a friend of her father’s. She only knows him by the nickname of “Dinky” and that he has, according to her father, “the best pack of fox hounds in America.” So begins the journey of “Franky Friday”—and “his” joining with the world of riding and fox hunting in rural Virginia. Reminded of her own childhood in England, Franky falls in love with the hunt country of Virginia and its horses. She finds work as a stable boy for an impoverished aristocratic woman and her daughter and it is soon discovered that she rides extremely well, especially the horse known as The Frosted Filly. Adventures multiply with each fox-hunt, while the search for Frances D’Affrey gradually widens to reach Virginia—and her own search for “Dinky” narrows. Just when she thinks her problems are about to be solved, Franky’s pursuers close in, forcing her to run away once more—this time from those she has come to know and love. The author captures a bygone time, when such hunting of foxes was not as controversial as it is perhaps today, but she also portrays the love of horses and a child’s need for stability that are true in any day and age.

Original Book: 207 pages

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