Fighting Coach

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    Dave Burnell is a coach in a tough spot. Hailed as the wave of the future just two short years before when he took over the struggling Sanborn College football team, success has proven to be far from easy. Finally, as his third year ends, a glimmer of hope has arisen among the Sanborn faithful as the team ties the mighty Tulare Crimson and assures a winning record for the first time in a decade. On paper, Dave and the Sanborn Purple seem ready to take that next crucial step in the upcoming season. A bevy of talented transfer players have arrived and may be the missing feature that can lift Sanborn back to its football glory of old. However, success on the collegiate football field brings its own pitfalls and something is rotten within the ivy-covered walls of Sanborn. Dave will have to battle internal team strife, shady boosters and his own ambitions as a young coach as the pressure mounts with each new triumph. Ultimately, he will have to weigh the cost of setting aside his principles for the sake of victory or risk paying a price that would spell the end of his coaching career.

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