Eagle Cliff

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        In this third installment of the Glen Hazard Adventure series, the three friends Dale, Vester and Sadler
must uncover a mystery to clear Sadler's name. He has been accused of stealing his great uncle's gold watch
on the night his uncle died. Dale and Vester set out to discover the real thief but find Sadler strangely
reluctant to go along with the plan. Puzzled by Sadler's behavior and suspecting that he knows more than he
has told, Dale and Vester are nonetheless determined to find the truth. When the old man's will is also found
to be missing—threatening Sadler and his aunt's possession of their home—the search intensifies until the boys
find themselves knee-deep in trouble and they themselves in danger of going to jail. In their extremity, the
boys enlist the aid of Grandpa Willow and engage in one final attempt to expose the actual culprit.

        This husband and wife team (writing under Maristan Chapman, a combination of their two names), makes
deft use of the mountain idiom to open up for the modern reader the richness of Tennessee mountain life in the
early twentieth century. At the same time, the authors capture the timeless excitement of adventurous, determined
boys ready for anything!

Third Title in the Glen Hazard Adventure Series


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