Doran Hurley

   Doran Hurley was born in 1900 in Fall River, Massachusetts, where he received his elementary and high school education. After attending Providence College for several years, he completed work for his degree at Brown University. In the early days of radio, he was an announcer and station manager—it was his voice that announced that Charles Lindbergh had landed safely in France after his historic flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

   Later turning to writing, Mr. Hurley produced several books of fiction, drawing from his hometown’s Irish-Catholic neighborhood for his characters and setting. After serving in the Armored Force and in Public Relations during World War II, he engaged in newspaper work in Louisville, Kentucky and then in New York as copy editor for the New York Herald Tribune.  He was the U.S. news correspondent for Radio Eiréann in Dublin, Ireland. As a free-lance writer, he contributed to numerous leading Catholic publications.

   Doran Hurley died in New York City in 1964.