Crazy Legs McBain

Crazy Legs McBain
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     Hal McBain has always been the underdog. Growing up in the shadow of his cousin, star-athlete Lance McCabe, Hal and his widowed mother scraped along with the little they had—with occasional, grudging help from his wealthy uncle. Hal enters Buell College with a warning from that same uncle echoing in his ears: “Study hard, but no frills. You’re not an athlete.” Used to being the odd man out, Hal takes those words to heart and exiles his desire for football glory to his own fleeting daydreams. But the football gods are fickle and the Buell College Bobcats are in a bind.     The team, decimated by a tragic accident that ended the lives its best players, is looking to rally under the leadership of a new coach—a coach who recognizes the talent of blazing speed and sure hands buried deep in the man that is Hal McBain. Squarely in the spotlight that he had dreamed about, but had always been too afraid to grasp, Hal and the rest of the underdog Bobcat squad set about overcoming the powerful and determined teams of the Little Six conference. Fame, glory and the Kingsbury Trophy are the possible rewards, but Hal himself stands to gain something far more valuable—and learn a lasting lesson about the true meaning of success.

Original Book: 187 pages


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