Copper Country Adventure

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     Sixteen-year-old Steve Harlow is on his own and nearly penniless in a remote area on the shores of Lake Superior—territory that is just now, in 1846, being developed for its copper riches. After leaving his widowed mother behind in Maine, Steve and his Uncle Mark had set off on the slow journey by steamboat for the Keweenaw Peninsula, only to have tragedy strike midway at Mackinac Island. Forced to continue on alone, carrying important letters for his uncle’s business partner, Steve runs afoul of a confidence man and his crew, who will go to any length to prevent the young man from finding out the truth about his uncle’s investment.       Steve is befriended by a sympathetic mining company surveyor and his two children and soon joins forces with the family and Old Anatole, a French-Canadian boat captain. On board the small but sturdy Mackinaw boat, Jeanne, he embarks on a series of adventures that lead him not only toward the truth about his Uncle’s partner, but also cast him headlong into a dangerous race to find a mysterious and abandoned copper mine.      Ethel C. Brill, using her gift for authentically capturing a time and a region within the vehicle of an exciting story, renders a memorable, historical portrait of the remote and wild area of what is now part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Original Book: 213 pages


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