Marion Garthwaite

      Marion Garthwaite, born in Oakland, California in 1893, lived all her life in her native state. In 1917, in the year following her graduation from the University of California, she married Edwin Lowell Garthwaite. It was only after their son and daughter were grown that Mrs. Garthwaite started writing books for children. At about the same time, after attending Riverside Library School, she began her librarian career. Her work—as both a high school and a children’s librarian—eventually led her into giving lectures on Children’s Literature and acting as a storyteller on radio and educational television. She continued to share her enthusiasm for storytelling as she traveled throughout California—and beyond—telling stories in schools and libraries and teaching about the subject in universities and storytelling institutes. The majority of Marion Garthwaite’s books demonstrated her keen interest in California—its people and its history. The Locked Crowns was a departure from this focus and, in order to do it justice, the author visited Denmark and England to apply her habits of careful research in studying accounts of the Havelok saga as set down in the early British and French literature. Marion H. Garthwaite died in 1982.