Joe Archibald

      Joe Archibald was born in 1898, in Newington, New Hampshire. He first became a published writer at age 15, after submitting a prize-winning contribution to the Boston Post. A veteran of the armed forces, he served aboard a naval sub-chaser during the First World War and continued to write during his time in the service—working as a cartoonist for military publication. Following the war, Joe Archibald found work as a cartoonist and sports writer for the New York-based McClure Newspaper Syndicate. He would continue to work as cartoonist, art editor and freelance writer throughout his entire career.

       In 1947, Mr. Archibald published Rebel Halfback, his first book and the beginning of a string of young adult sports stories that would stretch over the next 20 years. These novels covered the bases of the three major sports of his era, baseball, football and basketball, and often contained themes that went beyond simply stirring tales of athletic heroics to focus on the growth and maturation of the story’s protagonist. In total, this extremely popular writer of sports/action books would go on to publish over fifty novels, including several books with a military focus, all aimed at young adults.

      Joe Archibald spent most of his adult life in New York State and died on March 1, 1986, in Barrington, New Hampshire at the age of 87.

      He is author of the books: Red Dog Center, Crazy Legs McBain, Backfield Twins, Big League Busher, Fighting Coach.