Hendry Peart

      Hendry Peart is a pseudonym for the real name of the author of Red Falcons of Tremoine. The editors of Bethlehem Books have so far not discovered the author’s actual name or any information about her apart from the following short paragraph on the dust jacket of the first publication of the book in 1952:

      "Hendry Peart, who is English by birth, has always been fascinated by the Middle Ages. Red Falcons of Tremoine grew out of an idea which came to her many years ago, and some chance reading about English castles and abbeys made it spring to life again so that it just demanded to be put down on paper. Miss Peart moved to Canada as a child and later to the United States, and now lives in California near Monterey Bay. An American citizen since 1934, she says it is ‘a very rich experience to have the heritage of both countries.’ Miss Peart has worked in the juvenile department of a publishing house and also as a children’s librarian, so it is not surprising that her first book should be for boys and girls."

      The other book written under the name of Hendry Peart, The Loyal Grenvilles, is a story as equally absorbing as that of Red Falcons. Set in the England of the 1650’s, it follows the fortunes of two orphaned brothers during the years of Puritan dominance after the execution of King Charles I.  The young brothers, whose family is royalist and High Church, must find a way to be true to their convictions while coming to terms with the fact that they live with others, within their family and country, who hold different views. In both Red Falcons of Tremoine and The Loyal Grenvilles, spirited youths made helpless by circumstances, clash with those in a stronger position, and find that the way to victory may be found along unexpected paths—for while holding true, one must also grow in respect for others.  

      Though little is known about this author, we are grateful for her gift of these two historically fascinating and emotionally stirring stories of times long ago.