E.H. Staffelbach


     Born in Illinois on July 29, 1893, Elmer Hubert Staffelbach appears to have spent most of his life in California—after a time in Washington state—where he and his wife Nora also raised their three children. An educator, E.H. Staffelbach contributed numerous essays to professional journals on topics ranging from California teacher’s salaries to California junior colleges to spelling diagnosis and remedial teaching. The only fiction he seems to have written was the Long Rifle series of books: Towards Oregon, For Texas and Freedom and The Long Rifle Vanguard. These three books, which follow the life and fortunes of young Pierre, well demonstrate the author’s love of history and his desire to go beyond dry facts in order to create a living picture for young people—in the case of this series—of the people and events surrounding the westward expansion of the United States in the 1830’s and ’40’s.
     Mr. Staffelbach died in 1971 in San Jose, California.