Alta Halverson Seymour

       Alta Halverson Seymour was born in 1893 in Deer Park, Wisconsin. When she was a little girl, she made up stories for the entertainment of her younger brother and sister, a facility for story-making that led her eventually into the world of writing. Prior to becoming a published author, she attended the University of Minnesota for both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, then owned, and operated a stenographer’s company in California, before finally moving to Illinois where she lived the rest of her life. After her marriage to George Seymour, an economic consultant, in 1922, she and her husband would often travel by freighter or mail-boat to out-of-the-way places. In this way, Mrs. Seymour found interesting people and unusual situations, which furnished material for her books. She once wrote, “Sometimes I write for adults, but I like best to write for boys and girls.” Many of her books draw upon the annals and experiences of her own family. Diaries, journals, and family traditions supplied the warm, human material for her books and careful research provided the authenticity of detail. Two of Alta Halverson Seymour’s books—On the Edge of the Fjord and TheTangled Skein—were Junior Literary Guild selections.