The Christmas Stove

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On a wintry day a few weeks before Christmas, orphans Peter and Trudi arrive on their great aunt's doorstep hoping to find a home for the winter and a merry holiday with Tante Maria. But their aunt can barely support herself, much less care for two children and, while some of the Swiss townspeople are eager to help, others are much less encouraging. Peter must face crotchety Herr Klaus to ask for work and the meddling Fräulein Disch seems determined to see the children sent away. Nevertheless, the children are resolved on having a cheerful holiday and the captivating tiled stove in Tante's parlor, along with Trudi's unwavering trust in the Christkindli, provide them with a good beginning. Alta Halverson Seymour weaves an appealing tale of a traditional Swiss Christmas, full of courage and spirit and an engaging collection of memorable characters.


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