Big League Busher

Big League Busher
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     College players are breaking into the big leagues of baseball far faster than ever before. These so-called Bonus Babies, spared the grueling climb through the minor leagues, enjoy immediate access to the glitz, glamour and wealth that accompany the storied teams of America’s national pastime. Press clippings and a live arm alone do not make a player, and not every veteran player or manager is so readily accepting of these young hotshots. Ernie Kimball, ace pitcher for Austin College, and now the newest bonus baby for the Houston Longhorns, is arrogant, brash and ready to blaze his fastball past the best that the league has to offer. However, his self-predicted rise to stardom is abruptly interrupted by harsh reality when Ernie is sent packing to the Class B Jayhawks to gain some humility and learn the finer aspects of the game. From dimly lit minor league ballparks to bumpy bus rides, Ernie begins his journey back to the majors. It will take the people he meets—a determined landlord, a broken-down veteran pitcher and a Cuban refugee with stakes far higher than Ernie’s own—to mature and mold him into a true major league pitcher.

Original Book: 187 pages

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