Arne and the Christmas Star

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Eleven-year-old Arne can't wait to be old enough to travel from his small Norwegian fishing village to far-away places like his older brother, Gustav. Not only does Gustav make seafaring journeys up the fjord, but he will soon sail to South America on the steamship Stjerne, or Star. The Stjerne is expected back at Christmas time, and Arne and his cousin Bergel eagerly look forward to the Yuletide gifts and goods it will bring. In the village, Christmas preparations are soon in full swing with mother and grandmother baking rosettes and lefse. They scrub and polish the whole house while Arne prepares a special surprise of his own. But the bustle of preparation fails to keep Arne out of trouble; no matter how hard he tries, he can't seem to please the strict new teacher at school. As the expectant villagers await the arrival of the Stjerne, troubling news arrives instead and Arne finds that he, along with the dreaded Herr Professor, has an unexpected part to play in the arrival of the Christmas Star.

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