Antoinette Bosco

   Antoinette Bosco, born in 1928 in Rome, New York, grew up in Albany where she attended Catholic schools and, graduating from the College of St. Rose, briefly taught in public high school at Cape Vincent, New York. She was already beginning to develop her creative writing skills at this time. After marrying Peter Bosco in 1948, she soon became the mother of six children and a seventh, an adopted foundling, also joined the family. Early on, Mrs. Bosco found herself busy not only with raising her large family but with free-lance writing and newspaper work.

   Joseph the Huron, first published in 1963, was one of Mrs. Bosco’s early biographies for young people. By that time she had already seen over 140 articles in print and was beginning to produce full-length books. She would go on in the fields of writing and journalism to win a name for herself on a national level. As newspaper reporter; long-time syndicated columnist for Catholic News Service; executive editor of a daily paper; and prolific writer on many subjects, “Toni” Bosco contributed non-stop to the field of Catholic journalism.

   At the date of this re-publication of Joseph the Huron, Mrs. Bosco, in her eighties, continues to write and keep her website updated. Looking back on her long life and over periods when she experienced severe personal tragedies, she affirms that “your faith gets shaken by a number of things, yet [not] to the point where at the end of the day I could not be on my knees thankful for the gifts God had given me.” This, in fact, was the very attitude that she brought out strikingly in the story of Joseph the Huron. She repeats, “I would not have gotten through my life without my faith.” *

   Mrs. Bosco’s works have won (a number of times) The Christopher Award; also The Catholic Press Award, and the Pax Christi Award. Two of her more recent books are Choosing Mercy, and Mother Benedict: Founding Abbess of Regina Laudis.

* (Quotations from an interview with her in the on-line version of The Catholic Herald of Arlington, Virginia, by Gretchen Crowe, June 15, 2011)