Rogues on Red Hill

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   The Glen Hazard boys—Dale Gillow, Vester Lane, and Sadler Jones—return from a camping trip with Vester’s older brother Chadburn to find the Lane family uprooted from their home on Red Hill. Vester and Chad’s sister, Thelma, left alone at the house, had been run off by Government men who promised to pay for the homestead but needed to take up immediate residence to build an airplane landing-field. Without a chance to study the matter, and not wanting to burden the Gillow household, the three Lanes begin to relocate to their kin in Mill Creek. But Chad plunges the truck over a guard rail and lays himself up with a broken leg. Unable to retrieve the homeplace himself, Chad names Vester the head of the family. Vester gets himself hired by the Government men at their old home on Red Hill—after they make him promise to keep silent about the work going on there. When Vester’s identity is betrayed by his old rival, Germain Snyder, Vester is fired, but not before he sees equipment more fit for a printing-press than an airfield. It takes the whole gang—loyal hound Rock Bottom, the Gillow siblings, and even turncoat Germain—to discover and prove to Sheriff Marks that the rogues claiming to be “Government men” are doing illegal activity on Red Hill.
    This husband and wife team (writing under Maristan Chapman, a combination of their two names), makes deft use of the mountain idiom to open up for the modern reader the richness of Tennessee mountain life in the early twentieth century. At the same time, the authors capture the timeless excitement of adventurous, determined boys ready for anything!

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