The Return of the Alaskan: Mailboat in the Outpost

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   Mark Wallace’s livelihood, crew, and life are in peril as his mailboat, the Alaskan, heads for churning waters funneling between rocky shores—with a disabled engine. Discovering sabotage, Mark repairs the Diesel in time to right their course and score one more victory in his three-year war against the powerful Northern Fleet for the Southeastern Alaskan mail contract. While the treacherous seas make travel dangerous and the towering mountains make radio contact impossible, it is not just for himself that Mark fights; every pioneer making a home on the wild secluded islands depends on the Alaskan to transport people, news, supplies, goods to sell, and even medical assistance. Princess Julianne’s Captain Jenner, only motivated by profit, threatens to take the mail contract and cease this service because of its inconvenience. Mark struggles against the human and natural forces ranged against him to ensure the well-being of the settlers. He discovers, however, that he is not alone in the battle.

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