Mexican Road Race

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     Woody Hartford is back—and so is the Black Tiger. The Mark II version of the sleek racing machine is hot off the assembly line from Italy, and Woody is eager to show the world just what kind of car it truly is. The opportunity to showcase the Black Tiger will send Woody and Worm, friend, mentor and unsurpassed mechanic, all the way to the southern border of Mexico. The Black Tiger is about to enter the world’s longest and perhaps most dangerous of all car races—the *Carrera Panamericana. All of Woody’s driving talent and endurance will be called for throughout the 2000-mile, border-to-border race—battling desert heat, treacherous mountain roads and the finest cars and drivers that the world can offer—if he is allowed to drive. Plans are already well under way, when the Black Tiger factory board assigns another driver! Swallowing a bitter disappointment, Woody takes a place on the pit crew. But when the new driver brings his own mechanic, he loses even this part of the action. Is he to be a mere spectator of this rugged contest through the colorful and unforgettable Mexican countryside? On top of everything, Woody has to deal with an ongoing tension between the two loves of his life—racing and Mary Jane.  
     Leonard Wibberley writing under the pen name, Patrick O’Connor, offers a dramatic glimpse into a time when innovative body and engine design for race cars is ramping up the pounding an automobile can endure. In fact, these high-speed, demanding races become a testing ground for stress and performance that enables auto manufacturers to provide necessary safety features for the car on the street. Clearly a racing enthusiast, the author uses very human characters and dilemmas to demonstrate the safety measures, the teamwork and the good sense required to make sports car racing the exciting sport it is.
*Begun in 1950 to celebrate the opening of Mexico’s portion of the Pan-American Highway that same year, the Carrera Panamericana is considered by some the most dangerous of all road races. Discontinued in 1954, it was revived in a modified form in 1988.

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Original Book: 182 pages

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