The Locked Crowns

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     The young beautiful Princess Goldborough, rightful ruler of England and imprisoned in a high tower of rocks, is completely at the mercy of the treacherous overlord who is her guardian. Only the two old servants who care for her know of her shameful treatment and of the slender golden crown left by her father to make her Queen of England. Inextricably entwined with Goldborough’s destiny is that of Havelok the Dane. A king’s son and doomed to death by his own jealous guardian, young Havelok’s lot is cast with a loyal family of Danish fisherfolk, who leave all they have to escape with him to England. The crowns of England and Denmark hang in the balance as the English overlord plots Goldborough’s downfall—a scheme that has unexpected consequences for young Havelok as well.

     This unique and dramatic book is the first modern re-telling of the legend of Havelok the Dane, whose heroic deeds are set in the sixth century.  

Original Book: 223 pages

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