Homestead of the Free: The Kansas Story

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    Recently voted into the Union, the Kansas Territory of 1855 has the power to decide whether it will be "free" or "slave." Webb Morse's father, unwilling to simply donate to the cause of freedom, uproots his family from their comfortable Boston home to fight from the center of the Free State movement in Lawrence, Kansas. Young Webb, irritated at being jerked away from Boston, attempts to keep himself aloof from the conflict, but the dispute about slavery cannot be avoided. The Kansas abolitionists will not be silenced by the pro-slavery "Missouri Ruffians" who come across the border burning barns, stealing cows, and tarring and feathering men. When a man is murdered, discord spreads in both parties between those who want to resolve the issue through brute force and those who hope for peaceful means without civil war. Webb finds himself obliged to decide whether or not he will make this fight his own.

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