The Golden Hawks of Genghis Khan

The Golden Hawks of Genghis Khan
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          “You must not speak of the Golden Hawks! Word easily flies down the caravan trails to the ears of the Mongols in the land of Genghis Khan. And then, Jalair, the Mongols will come and slay you!”

     With this warning from his grandfather Kurush, the summer of 1218 in Samarkand begins for young Jalair. He has always been told that Mongols slew his father Darien—the greatest hawker of the Empire—and robbed him of a spectacular breed of hunting bird that Darien had perfected. Since then, the Mongols have searched relentlessly for the son of the slain hawker. A broken promise and mysterious circumstances cause Jalair to risk the journey eastward to recapture the Golden Hawks. Striving at all costs to conceal his identity, the boy arrives at Karakorum, the city of Genghis Khan. Here he not only finds the Golden Hawks, but also a deepening of the mystery surrounding them and his father. Affectionately adopted into a Mongol family, Jalair continues to seek the answers he needs, until finally, after treachery on a faraway caravan trail, and a desperate struggle to save the last of the Golden Hawks, he finds the truth—in the presence of Genghis Khan himself.

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