The Fighting Quaker: The Southern Campaigns of General Nathanael Greene

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    The year is 1774 and Nathanael Greene is a born-and-raised, peace-loving Quaker, running his family's forge and expected to take his place as an important member of the Society of Friends, just as his father before him. But as the tensions between the colonists and the British increase, Greene makes a life-changing decision. He tells the Quaker leaders, "The British now threaten to destroy the liberties of all of us... I know that the Society of Friends forbids its members to fight in a war. But I feel it is my duty to get ready for war if it comes." Along with his friend, James Varnum, Greene helps to organize a local militia, the Kentish Guards. Despite setbacks threatening to thwart his resolve to fight, Greene continues to lead soldiers in the newly-formed Continental Army, and quickly rises to the rank of brigadier general of the Rhode Island Brigade. In 1780, General Washington puts him in command of his Southern Army. In this new role, Greene's tactical genius becomes fully evident as he repeatedly out-wits the British, and, even while losing battles, he maneuvers towards winning the campaign. 

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