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     There was only one way to make Ohio territory safe for the settlers, and that was to defeat the Indians. In the early 1790’s, both General Harmar and General St. Clair’s troops had tried and tragically failed, and now fear was running rampant along the Ohio Territory frontier. This nightmare anxiety was bigger than life for twelve-year-old Daniel, who had lost his father in an Indian raid. Now, three years later, finding himself an unwanted burden to the family who had taken him in, a visit from a stranger leads Daniel to make a man-sized decision. Major General Anthony Wayne—Mad Anthony—hopes to succeed where the others had not, and to do this he has instituted a series of forts.
     It takes all Daniel’s courage to leave his foster family in hopes of getting work with one of the pack-horse brigades, the supply life-lines for the forts and for the U.S. troops defending the settlers. Hired by packer Josiah Gregg, Daniel is befriended by the chief’s fourteen-year-old son, Amos, and later, by the whole Gregg family. Despite his brave encounters with bears, ruffians, and the dangers faced daily by the supply train, Daniel’s fear still plagues him. Is he a coward? What will it take to have that question settled once and for all?

Original Book: 127 pages

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