On the Edge of the Fjord (e)

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    No one dreamed that the Nazis would ever bother Valcos, the sleepy little Norwegian fishing village on the edge of the deep fjord. However, its happy, carefree life ended when Nazi officers quartered themselves in the Engeland home with the intention of securing Captain Engeland’s influential help. Petra Engeland, only fourteen, had good reason then to transfer her resourcefulness in mischief to grimmer tasks involving life or death, and her first undertaking was to warn her father, still away with the larger of the fishing boats, of the trap awaiting him. Against a background of mountains, caves and fjords, Petra and her impetuous brother Martin—with numerous other Norwegians, young and old—take part in daring schemes right under the noses of the occupying forces. Published before WW II was at an end, this tale retains its sense of immediacy and courage in the face of great adversity.

Original Book: 244 pages

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