Gloria Whelan

       Gloria Whelan is a poet and award-winning short-story writer who has also written many books for children, including Hannah; Night of the Full Moon; Goodbye, Vietnam and Once on this Island. Several of her books have been IRA Children’s and Teachers’ Choices and Notable Children’s Trade Books in the field of Social Studies. She has received the distinguished Achievement Award from the Educational Press Association of America and the Society of Midland Authors’ 1994 Juvenile Fiction Award. She and her husband live in the woods of northern Michigan.

       Her newest book with Bethlehem Books is The Hedge School.

       When asked how she came to write the book [The Miracle of Saint Nicholas], she said, “Alexander Solzhenitsyn describes how as he traveled across the Russian countryside his landmarks along the way were the steeples of village churches—churches that were locked and empty. This sad sight stayed with me and I longed like Alexi to open those churches once again.”

Also by Gloria Whelan (Taken from the inside list The Hedge School)                                                  

See What I See
The Locked Garden
Parade of Shadows
Summer of the War
After the Train
Goodbye, Vietnam
Listening for Lions
Burying the Sun
Chu Ju’s House
Homeless Bird
Forgive the River, Forgive the Sky
That Wild Berries Should Grow
A Time to Keep Silent
The Secret Keeper
The Pathless Woods

Colonial India Series:

Small Acts of Amazing Courage
All My Noble Dreams and Then What Happens

Russian Saga:

Angel on the Square
The Impossible Journey
Burying the Sun
The Turning

The Island Trilogy:

Once on This Island
Farewell to the Island
Return to the Island

Younger ReadersChapter Books:

Miranda’s Last Stand
The Indian School
The Wanigan: A Life on the River
Fruitlands: Louisa May Alcott Made Perfect

Libby Mitchell Trilogy:

Next Spring an Oriole
Night of the Full Moon
The Shadow of the Wolf

Starvation Lake Chapter Book Series:

Welcome to Starvation Lake
Rich and Famous in Starvation Lake
A Haunted House in Starvation Lake
Are There Bears in Starvation Lake?

Picture Books:

Smudge and the Books of Mistakes
The Boy Who Wanted to Cook
Waiting for the Owl's Call
K is for Kabuki
The Listeners
Yuki and the One Thousand Carriers
Mackinac Bridge: The Story of the Five-Mile Poem
Friend on Freedom River
Jam and Jelly by Holly and Nellie
The Miracle of St. Nicholas
Bringing the Farmhouse Home
A Week of Raccoons