Barbara Willard

      BARBARA WILLARD (1909-1994) was born in Sus­sex, England. She enjoyed over fifty years of writing for both children and adults. Her father was an actor, and she made her first stage appearance at the age of eleven. After completion of her formal schooling, she continued acting, and in addition, began writing film scripts and novels for adults. In the late 1950's Miss Willard turned to writing for children, fulfilling a life-long desire. Her favorite genre was historical fiction, of which Son of Charlemagne is an early ex­ample. Since she had been an only child until the age of twelve, many of her nearly sixty works reflect a fascination with large families. Of her later work, her personal favorites were the acclaimed Mantlemass series, which follow an English country family from the 1400's through 1600's.

      Son of Charlemagne was originally published by Doubleday in its Clarion Books series—a special set of titles written to present significant historical times and events from a Christian perspective. Miss Wil­lard also wrote Augustine Came to Kent and If All the Swords in England for this series.