Cherokee Strip: The Race for Land

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    It’s going to be “the biggest hoss race in the world!”  Homesteaders are set to race on horseback, in gigs and wagons, and even by train to stake their claim in the Cherokee Strip, the last bit of Oklahoma Territory opened for settlement in 1893. Nearly one hundred thousand settlers will simultaneously try to claim a quarter section of the six-and-a-half million acre piece of land, but not all will succeed. For 15-year-old Becky Fletcher and her family, it's the Promised Land: their last chance for a farm they can live on free and clear. But no journey to the Promised Land is without trials and the Fletchers soon run into setbacks. Each difficulty tests Becky’s inclination to further her own and her family's interests at all costs. But the kindness and honesty her parents practice pulls her another way. With the stakes so high, each decision Becky and her family make will have direct consequences for their future happiness.

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