Black Tiger at Le Mans

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     Woody and Mary Jane are now married. Woody is working full-time at the Black Tiger Agency which is doing a good business selling and racing the innovative Italian-manufactured car. Wanting to please his wife, Woody has given up driving in the races himself—with predictable results. A naturally talented race car driver, he finds himself restless and discontented as he watches others race the Black Tiger. Being also a naturally stubborn guy, it takes some serious difficulties to get him back on the track—and in the driver’s seat. Woody’s desire is to establish the Black Tiger as the finest sports car. This resolve soon has him competing in the Florida Sebring—still a new competition—and then in the legendary, murderous twenty-four hour test of racing under every possible road condition at Le Mans. With the help of Worm, his mechanical-genius partner and friend, a hardworking team—and the support of Mary Jane—Woody faces the most difficult driving challenges of his life.

     As always, Leonard Wibberley (writing under the pen-name of Patrick O’Connor) really knows his stuff and, through Woody and Worm, he realistically guides the reader through the dangerous, intensely-exciting reality of the Sebring and Le Mans racing experience of the 1950’s.

Original Book: 152 pages

Sequel to The Black Tiger.

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