The Black Tiger

The Black Tiger
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     Man-killer—the unfavorable tag too often assigned by racing drivers and crews alike to an innovative car that has not yet been fully tested and tried on the hot asphalt of the race track. In the road race circuit of the western United States of the late 1950’s, there aren’t many such prototype cars around, and even fewer drivers willing to take the risk to work out the bugs inevitable to a new design. To Woody Hartford, however, road racing and killer cars are the least of his concerns. As the story opens, he is much more obsessed with hot rods, drag racing and coming up with that elusive extra cash to get the last needed part to make his treasured jalopy fly down the road. His biggest problem is how to make the same ten bucks cover the part for his hot rod and pay for a promised dinner date with his girl. Woody’s simple world changes in a hurry with his first glimpse of the sleek Black Tiger. In a very short time he finds himself immersed in a racing adventure where the very next turn could spell injury or death. With the tragic death of Black Tiger’s owner, Woody is catapulted even deeper into the world of racing and into a grim personal battle.

Leonard Wibberley writing under the pen name, Patrick O’Connor, carries the reader back to a less sophisticated period in American life, yet ably portrays the timeless human dilemma of what it means to regain one’s confidence and self-respect in the face of failure and fear.

Original Publication Date 1956 , 150 pages

Read the sequel, Black Tiger at Le Mans.

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