Backfield Twins

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     Neil and Ray Kilbourn are a familiar sight on the stately and storied campus of Bushnell College. They are also equally recognizable as Numbers 33 and 35 on the football field, carrying the ball and crashing aside would-be tacklers for the Pioneers.  Affectionately known as the ‘Touchdown Twins,’ most students and likely some professors would swear that the jersey numbers are the only way to tell Neal and Ray apart. However, although they may be dead ringers on the outside, the Kilbourn brothers have taken two very different paths since arriving at Bushnell. Neil is hardworking, firmly aware of his humble background, and determined to make his own path. Ray, on the other hand, is an Alpha Zeta and confidently ensconced in the inner circle of the school’s social elite.  With Bushnell fielding their best team in decades, football mania has reached a new pitch. An undefeated season and a victory over the Pioneers’ archrival, Sparta, seemingly within reach, students, alumni and big money boosters have filled the home stadium to bursting.  But trouble is lurking, and Neil is forced to investigate his own suspicions that all is not right with the team. What he uncovers not only threatens to rip the Pioneers apart, but also to drive an irreparable wedge between the twins themselves.

Original Book: 192 pages

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